Robert O Bio 

Robert O was born in Montreal, Quebec where he was brought up and lived a fairly normal life.  He has dedicated his life to the craft of songwriting and musical composition.  His many years of being involved with Broadway productions gave him a deep appreciation and understanding for harmony singing.  He combines tropical rhythms like reggaetón with his use of harmonies for a unique blend of pop music.  

Aside from music, Robert has also earned a Bachelor's degree in History at Concordia University and has a love for writing poetry, lyrics and creative stories.  He has a great knack for proof-reading to correct errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  

My mission statement of my services are to provide value and quality that will benefit my customers.  I strive to give a little more for the price of the services in order to satisfy my clients.  If you have any questions regarding studio production, songwriting, mixing, mastering and/or proof-reading, please contact me using the form on this website.  

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Very Best,
Robert O

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