Rob's Bistro Of Songs

Tired of the fast-food streaming?  Welcome to the fine dining of digital downloads!  

Let's Get Started!  Rise And Shine!

A sweet delicacy of harmony and rhythm to get your day going. Goes well with coffee, orange juice or any other edibles. 

A Rich French Name With Caribbean Flavor

A rich, sun-baked delicacy about the arrival of good fortune!

Country Cookin'!

A sweet bowl of hospitality served fresh on the window of country air

Fresh Catch From The Mediterranean!

Stretch out on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean with this refreshing, melodic drink!

Today's Special!!

A sultry, spicy dish fresh from the 70's

A Golden Oldie!! 

Drive up and be served the old-fashioned way with this jukebox oldie!

A Home Dessert

Finish off your stay with a hearty, nostalgic piece of music until we meet again! 

Thank-You!  Please Come Back Soon!