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A Passion For Production

I really enjoy the technology that we have obtained this day and age.  Now I don't just write and produce, I can architect songs.  

My production becomes a recipe for your song.  What does it need?  Maybe a string quartet or a light Brass backing.  Maybe the production is just asking for a simple Ukulele.  The possibilities are exciting.  From the style songs of the last four decades to the new swells of EDM, it's all about choice and making it work.  


What I like about mixing is how to make the production sound sonic.  Reverbs, delays, compression, panning and many other plugins can help achieve results of making your song soar with echo and space that allows the song to breathe.  

I would love to work on your songs just as much as  my own.  The opportunities are endless and full of promise! 


Please fill out the contact form to find out more about rates, production or just to say "hi!".  I look forward to hearing from you!

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