A Natural Reflection For The Loss Of Our Pet(s)

Updated: Aug 6

Our pets were special to us. They were part of our family. They were around to share our joys, our comforts, our way of life. They consoled us when we were sad and leapt with joy when we arrived home. They cuddled up with us when we were sick and looked to us when they were ill. The happiness they brought us when they first arrived is equally matched to the sadness we had since they left. With their passing, they have taken a part of our hearts. They live on in the memories of our minds aided with the help of our technology.

Man's best friend at rest.

You Were Here

Across billions of years

Through the infinite of galaxies

In this small section of our globe

On the corner of a neighborhood

You were here

You brought life to our life

We watched you grow

You never wondered

Why the seasons came and went

You were here

Your youth was vibrant

Clumsy and cute

We delighted

As you came into your prime

You were here

Old age came with the winter winds

Slowing you down

Whittling down to fully rest

As the life left your eyes

Moisture had flooded ours

Your youthful life

Exuberant love

Are still found in the heavens

Of our vivid memories

When you graced us

At this glorious time

Through the vast space and time

We intersected and met

A wonderful fate

Sealed with a sorrowful parting

The gratefulness deepens


You were here

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