Broken Up And Broken

A lethal combination of words

Brought on by a distant conversation

Set about a crushing chaos

A relentless stabbing

To a blemished beating heart

The comfort of daily rhythms

Distorted by waves of depressed darkness

Warm sunshine

Reddened by the lens of loss

Dulled briefly by droned distraction

No warning it seems

Came from the sages

As if one of life's bludgeoning snares

Were to be suffered alone

Facing the hemorrhage of betrayal

Psychological blunt force trauma

With no triage to soothe

The onslaught of a manslaughter mind

Awash in a torrential tempest

Hidden behind a cracked, combusting skull

The heavens are deceased

To this unwilling immolation

Smoldered on to a meaningless menagerie

A lonely one amongst a galaxy of suffered galleries

Cries never sounded

Wounds never tended

Cold, carelessly sterile

Restless retreat

Deferred to darkness

Hushed from an intolerant world

Conceal the emotional bleed

Unhear what was heard

By those distant spoken words

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