Committed To Memory

I can't seem to recall

A time where you weren't there

We grew through life's stages together

Rambunctious and romantically young

We weathered college, degrees and careers

Plotting our future suburban dreams

A house on the beacon of a vibrant community

We nestled in and laid down our family roots

Time hurried and ushered in the growth of our young

And before long, our epic epicenter became an empty nest

Wool sweaters, canes and gentle old smiles took their place

Right up to the day you passed on

My world was crushed and confused

You were my rock and the ground under me

The deep heartache was married only to the outside friendly pretenders

Well-wishers uttering an empty "if you need anything"

Tempting to slide down to a pool of pitiful sorrow and depression

I was suddenly stopped with a thought - "You wouldn't want me to"

I slowly began to live for the both of us

Everything I saw, I felt, I touched, I heard

I began to think of you and your reactions

My memories with you were searched and re-engaged

I tried to see everything through your eyes

And to see you in everything

The weight of your absence was sometimes too much

The heaviness almost smothering

There can be no reprieve of your departure

I talk with you in the hope of hearing your voice

I cry my pain of missing you

And count my lucky starts to have known you

I have moved out but I have not moved on

As I grow older my memories start to shrink

Everything gets smaller

I require less space and more care

When my memories are doused for good

Who we were will be left to our younger versions

Remembrance of who we were

Will be linked to who they are and are becoming

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