Empty Room

In this empty room I sat

And traced the walls and ceilings

Every nook and cranny

Virtually the same

Whether one year, ten or fifty

Only the shading had come and gone

I realized the room hadn't changed

But that I had

The colours of my pain

Sucked the oxygen off the walls

Left me short of breath

If I could return the earth

To its previous path in time

When this room was your haven

Like a clutching thief I would claw and steal something before the dissipation

Alas, there is no puffed-up genie

No mystical holy man

To grant my wish to add you

To this familiar frame

In this empty room And so I braved the battle

With the beast of loneliness

Some days the beast won

Other days, just a draw

Always he tried again

Was there no end

To this mournful twilight

Then I remembered the joy of your essence

You lit up my world as I lit up yours

I heaved open the window

In came May's laundry fragranced air

Brought in by neighbourly, flappable whites

I summoned your sunny optimism

And used it as my shrouded escape hatch

With a lulling lullaby and a final farewell

I crossed the threshold

Of this empty room

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