The only dialogue ever important

Was between you and I

I had the freedom to ask

Questions of how and why

I had my joys and fears

And you had your own

Since you've departed

I ask my questions alone

I can't negotiate your absence

Bring you back for awhile

No bargain or trade

For your unforgettable smile

The unflappable movement of time

Ripping out my rug

Barren of condolences

Neither a kiss nor a hug

Billions of stars

Still shine on and on

Barely noticed

If one's doused and gone

Remarkably indifferent To the subtle change

But for me My whole world's rearranged

Forced to say goodbye

Without an ounce of response

The sunset has sunk and darkened

With no promise of a rising dawn

The universe still shines

As the days go by

Just not as brightly

With this heavy, infinite goodbye

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