Updated: Aug 6

Fear seized the heartbeat

The boss wanted to see me

As I stood up to acquiesce to his request

I was watched by allies and foes

Of the workplace predatory kingdom

Eyes followed me

Broken only by a closing glass door

"Sit down" I heard as I distinctly complied

A haze of words made their way to my ear

Like an overbearing, overworked cigarette

Shell-shocked sickness

Accompanied me out of the room

Greeted by the hidden spectrum

Of the outside reaction

Vacating with heavy, humid humiliation

Heaving my boxed consolation prizes

And lovely parting gifts

To my unsuspecting car

Starting up with a coughing, laughing fit

And home where daily doses of despair awaited


Picking up speed with prickly panic

Anger, fear, depression uninvited

Rushed in like voracious vultures

To a buffet of decay

I clawed for every branch

To break the pathetic plummet

Of an undignified descent

Replies rushing to console the bleed

Soothing the sectors of my self-esteem

Loss of purpose

Directionless with distress

Dangerous deadlines

Overdue in the distance

Questions seeping to the core

Though fate may be reversed and repaired

The deceptive damage discreetly lingers

Pushed back to a popping-up past

Recycled in a nightly rapid replay

The inhabited havoc of humbleness

Of being jobless

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