No Deity

Amidst our tiny spot in the galaxy

Our earth moves around the sun

Life hops on and off

Like a speedy spinning merry go round

I look for something to assuage my mind

Of the inescapable losses of our lives

All life of our planet

Being funneled out into the void

Seduced by the magic swirl of religion

A promise of some better place

Run by a charitable yet powerful deity

Witnessed first-hand by not one soul

Calamities, disaster and massacres befallen upon us

I beseech the various deities with reasoned opened treaties

Jesus, Muhammed, Buddha, Krishna and others

With the same pleas for use of ominous omnipotence

To reverse the terminal tragedies

And warrant our forever gratitude and worship

The truth was deafening in its silence

No replies

No answers

No solutions

No reversal of fortunes

No justice

No deities

The forces are in continuous motion

The cycle of life moves on

The wonderful, impressive creation of life

Is equally matched by its destructive absence

No divine intervention or intercession

Was ever in the cards

Wishful thinking of man-made constructs

Collapse like sandcastles in the deluge of reality

Fatally flawed in ceasing the deceased

Licentious lies limiting the life we lead

Boldly betting on a better one

Anchored by a deferred, dissipating deity

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