He barely got through the day

From the moment he rose from his bed

He tried to negotiate the two landmines that were his parents

Out of the beaten path of his driveway

To the waspish stinging school bus

Where his tormentors waited to taunt him

Upon arrival they pounced him

Shrilling his lewd nickname in his ear

Rumbling him to the ground

He dared not cry

To give the sharks more blood

Brushing his wounds

He went to class

The close of the school day

Meant the reverse in torment

Physical insults waiting for the bus

Loud hurtful chants brought on by school kid laughter

Back to home where supper question hour awaits

He barely heard the haranguing voices as he picked the food

His room was his only refuge

Seemed to be shrinking, closing in

Everyday, the walls were pushing

Today, he escaped out the window

Climbed to the top of the roof

And paced precipitously close to the edge

His heart raced playing back the repetitive daily carnage

Voices below reached a feverish pitch with his name on their breaths

As the fires of anger encroached and reached his ears

He stood up, outstretched

Daring gravity to fail his Superman ambitions

He fell forward as the concrete driveway pulled him fast

His mind raced faster than his descent No more taunts

No more hurting

No more beatings

No more bickering, threats and lectures

No angels, no devils

No Catholic funeral

As the smacking impact approached

He braced for dispersion, pain

And peace

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