The Monarchy Must Fall

As the British royal family is the constitutional head of government for countries in the British Commonwealth, thoughts has been given about the practicalities of a monarchy in the modern age. No opinions are expressed on the royal personalities and their conduct in private or in public. While royals are excessively newsworthy in the United Kingdom, they are likened to any government officials with their highs and lows in public life.

The monarchy as a political system has long been discarded by many developing countries. Its dislodge has sometimes come at a bloody price (American, French and Russian revolutions). At the very core of a monarchy is subjugation. When monarchies were the common government of the day, deference to the king and queen were not up for dispute. Petitioned reforms were often ignored and rebellions were met by cold, swift and bloody responses. Subjugation was the key motivator and the sole means for monarchs to continue their rule as they wished. In order for democracies to rise, monarchies had to either be erased or changed.

This brings us to the present constitutional monarchy. While much of the governing powers have been removed from the existing British monarchy, subjugation still exists albeit much more discreetly. The images of royalty are imprinted on the currencies of their subject countries. The royal representatives (e.g. Governor-General, Lieutenant-General) in each commonwealth country are unelected, paid officials to represent the monarchy (even during royal visits). They are housed at the expense of the people during their terms. These positions exist to fulfill largely the “Pomp And Circumstance” style of events plus the overseeing of political structures such as the federal and provincial parliaments. The present governor-general of Canada is Mary Simon who is indigenous. This is incredibly ironic as most of the colonial damage done to the indigenous people of Canada was either spearheaded or approved by the British Crown.

The constitutional monarchy must be taken down. It is very much a relic of a political system that has been abandoned for good reason. It has no real powers to remedy the historical ills that it has caused in the various countries once under its domain. Royal visits are totally devoid of any practical dialogue and meaning. The members of the British royal family are well-educated and more than qualified to pursue career lifestyles in the marketplace. The monarchy system represented a segment of time in the growing pains of a country. It is time to acknowledge that the growing pains are done and finally move on.

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