The Wedding Vow

A union

Sanctioned by God

Two arms bonded by silk

Symbolic of forged endurance

The rituals of dead royalty

Unprepared for the feast of rot

What of those short nuptials

Blessings of shredded souls

Secret savagery of marital mayhem

Slow like a termite-ridden tree

Fast like a chopped, fallen king

What of those long nuptials

Precipitously sliding off a slippery slope

Of un-unique unequal sacrifices of one

Mostly coasted from the masculine side

Time-worn tolerance where romance once flourished

Happy-soaked unions

Trials and tribulations prevail

A rising star amidst a common-law cemetery

Worshipped and adored by flailing failed followers

Doused by that mortal-coiled black hole

The myriad of many paths

The arch of an open doorway

Await the newly wedded

Nourished by abnormal naivete

Woven and wielded by

The wedding vow

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